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 ====== CFD Solver ====== ====== CFD Solver ======
 +The CFD solver is an unstructured grid finite volume solver for the three-dimensional Euler equations for compressible flow. Effective GPU memory bandwidth is improved by reducing total global memory access and overlapping redundant computation,​ as well as using an appropriate numbering scheme and data layout.
 +We'd like to acknowledge Andrew Corrigan, Fernando Camelli, Rainald Lohner and John Wallin from George Mason University to contribute their codes to Rodinia.
 +For more details about this application,​ please visit http://​web.cos.gmu.edu/​~acorriga/​pubs/​gpu_cfd/​
 +Paper: Andrew Corrigan, Fernando Camelli, Rainald Lohner and John Wallin. Running Unstructured Grid CFD Solvers on Modern Graphics Hardware. In Proceedings of the 19th AIAA Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference, June 2009.
 +Retrieved from "​https://​www.cs.virginia.edu/​~skadron/​wiki/​rodinia/​index.php?​title=CFD_Solver&​oldid=362"​
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