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 ====== Stream Cluster ====== ====== Stream Cluster ======
 +Our streamcluster kernel is modified upon the streamcluster benchmark in the Parsec suite developed by Princeton University.
 +The following is the decription of the streamcluster from Parsec technical report[1]
 +"For a stream of input points, it finds a predetermined number of medians so that each point is assigned to its nearest center. The quality of the clustering is measured by the sum of squared distances (SSQ) metric."​
 +Our CUDA version parallelized the pgain function. "Given a preliminary solution, the function computes how much cost can be saved by opening a new center. For every new point, it weighs the cost of making it a new center and reassigning some of the existing points to it against the savings caused by minimizing the distance between two points x and y for all points."​
 +[1]Christian Bienia, Sanjeev Kumar, Jaswidner Pal Singh and Kai Li. The PARSEC Benchmark Suite: Characterization and Architectural Implications. Technical Report TR-811-08, Princeton University, January 2008.
 +Retrieved from "​http://​www.cs.virginia.edu/​~skadron/​wiki/​rodinia/​index.php?​title=Streamcluster&​oldid=190"​
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