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 ====== B+ Tree ====== ====== B+ Tree ======
 +For description of B+ Tree, please contact Amittai Aviram who wrote the original serial code, or see the paper listed below.
 +B+ Tree application has many internal commands that maintain database and process querries. Only J and K commands had enough parallelism to be ported to parallel languages (OpenMP, CUDA, OpenCL). In these implementations,​ in case of both J and K, the same algorithms (optimized for exposing fine-grained parallelism) were used for fair comparison purposes. For C/OpenMP execution, it is possible to use the original algorithm.
 +[1] J. Fix, A. Wilkes and K. Skadron. "​Accelerating Braided B+ Tree Searches on a GPU with CUDA." ACM Transactions on Database Systems. 2009. ([[http://​www.cs.virginia.edu/​~lgs9a/​rodinia/​b+tree/​b+tree.pdf|pdf]])
 +Retrieved from "​http://​www.cs.virginia.edu/​~skadron/​wiki/​rodinia/​index.php?​title=B%2B_Tree&​oldid=667"​
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