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 |[[Graph_traversal|Breadth-First Search]]|Graph Traversal|Graph Algorithms|CUDA,​ OMP, OCL|| |[[Graph_traversal|Breadth-First Search]]|Graph Traversal|Graph Algorithms|CUDA,​ OMP, OCL||
 |[[SRAD|SRAD]]|Structured Grid|Image Processing|CUDA,​ OMP, OCL|✔| |[[SRAD|SRAD]]|Structured Grid|Image Processing|CUDA,​ OMP, OCL|✔|
-|[[Streamcluster1|Streamcluster1]]|Dense Linear Algebra|Data Mining|CUDA,​ OMP, OCL||+|[[Streamcluster|Streamcluster]]|Dense Linear Algebra|Data Mining|CUDA,​ OMP, OCL||
 |[[Particle_Filter|Particle Filter]]|Structured Grid|Medical Imaging|CUDA,​ OMP, OCL|| |[[Particle_Filter|Particle Filter]]|Structured Grid|Medical Imaging|CUDA,​ OMP, OCL||
 |[[PathFinder|PathFinder]]|Dynamic Programming|Grid Traversal|CUDA,​ OMP, OCL|| |[[PathFinder|PathFinder]]|Dynamic Programming|Grid Traversal|CUDA,​ OMP, OCL||
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 |[[Hotspot3D|Hotspot3D]]|Structured Grid|Physics Simulation|CUDA,​ OCL, OMP|Hotspot for 3D IC| |[[Hotspot3D|Hotspot3D]]|Structured Grid|Physics Simulation|CUDA,​ OCL, OMP|Hotspot for 3D IC|
 |[[Huffman|Huffman]]|Finite State Machine|Lossless data compression|CUDA,​ OCL|| |[[Huffman|Huffman]]|Finite State Machine|Lossless data compression|CUDA,​ OCL||
 +Other applications under evaluation:
 +^Applications ^Dwarves ^Domains ^Parallel Model ^Comment ^
 +|[[SQLite Select|SQLite Select]]|Map Reduce|Relational Database|CUDA|This benchmark needs an OCL version and also may be too simple|
 +|[[3D Stencil|3D Stencil]]|Structured Grid|Cellular Automation|CUDA|Will be superseded by a more sophisticated 3D benchmark|
 +//1. Ana Lucia Varbanescu and Jianbin Fang, Delft University of Technology contributed the OpenCL version.//
 +//2. In collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.//​
 +===== License =====
 +Please read the [[http://​www.cs.virginia.edu/​~kw5na/​license.htm|Rodinia license]].
 +Several applications/​libraries come with [[http://​www.cs.virginia.edu/​~kw5na/​license_list.htm|their own licenses]].
 +Also, if your use of Rodinia results in a publication,​ please cite:
 +[1] S. Che, M. Boyer, J. Meng, D. Tarjan, J. W. Sheaffer, S.-H. Lee, and K. Skadron. ​
 +Rodinia: A Benchmark Suite for Heterogeneous Computing. In Proceedings of the IEEE 
 +International Symposium on Workload Characterization (IISWC), pp. 44-54, Oct. 2009.
 +[2] S. Che, J. W. Sheaffer, M. Boyer, L. G. Szafaryn, L. Wang, and K. Skadron. ​
 +A Characterization of the Rodinia Benchmark Suite with Comparison to Contemporary ​
 +CMP Workloads. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Workload ​
 +Characterization,​ Dec. 2010.
 +//This work is supported by NSF grant nos. IIS-0612049,​ CNS-0916908 and CNS-0615277,​ a grant from the SRC under task no. 1607, and grants from AMD, NEC labs, and NVIDIA Research.//
 +Retrieved from http://​www.cs.virginia.edu/​~skadron/​wiki/​rodinia/​index.php?​title=Rodinia:​Accelerating_Compute-Intensive_Applications_with_Accelerators&​oldid=675
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