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Rodinia: Accelerating Compute-Intensive Applications with Accelerators

A vision of heterogeneous computer systems that incorporate diverse accelerators and automatically select the best computational unit for a particular task is widely shared among researchers and many industry analysts; however, there are no agreed-upon benchmarks to support the research needed in the development of such a platform. There are many suites for parallel computing on general-purpose CPU architectures, but accelerators fall into a gap that is not covered by previous benchmark development. Rodinia is released to address this concern.

The Rodinia Benchmark Suite, version 3.1 (Version history) Rodinia is designed for heterogeneous computing infrastructures with OpenMP, OpenCL and CUDA implementations.

Applications Dwarves Domains Parallel Model Incre. Ver.
LeukocyteStructured GridMedical ImagingCUDA, OMP, OCL
Heart WallStructured GridMedical ImagingCUDA, OMP, OCL
MUMmerGPUGraph TraversalBioinformaticsCUDA, OMP
CFD SolverUnstructured GridFluid DynamicsCUDA, OMP, OCL
LU DecompositionDense Linear AlgebraLinear AlgebraCUDA, OMP, OCL
HotSpotStructured GridPhysics SimulationCUDA, OMP, OCL
Back PropogationUnstructured GridPattern RecognitionCUDA, OMP, OCL
Needleman-WunschDynamic ProgrammingBioinformaticsCUDA, OMP, OCL
KmeansDense Linear AlgebraData MiningCUDA, OMP, OCL
Breadth-First SearchGraph TraversalGraph AlgorithmsCUDA, OMP, OCL
SRADStructured GridImage ProcessingCUDA, OMP, OCL
Streamcluster1Dense Linear AlgebraData MiningCUDA, OMP, OCL
Particle FilterStructured GridMedical ImagingCUDA, OMP, OCL
PathFinderDynamic ProgrammingGrid TraversalCUDA, OMP, OCL
Gaussian EliminationDense Linear AlgebraLinear AlgebraCUDA, OCL
k-Nearest NeighborsDense Linear AlgebraData MiningCUDA, OMP, OCL
LavaMD2N-BodyMolecular DynamicsCUDA, OMP, OCL
MyocyteStructured GridBiological SimulationCUDA, OMP, OCL
B+ TreeGraph TraversalSearchCUDA, OMP, OCL
GPUDWTSpectral MethodImage/Video CompressionCUDA, OCL
Hybrid SortSortingSorting AlgorithmsCUDA, OCL
Hotspot3DStructured GridPhysics SimulationCUDA, OCL, OMPHotspot for 3D IC
HuffmanFinite State MachineLossless data compressionCUDA, OCL
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